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David Frizzell

Top Ten Songs On Billboard Country Charts

#1 You're The Reason God Made Oklahoma

#1 I'm Gonna Hire a Wino to Decorate Our Home

#3 Just Came Here To Dance

#3 Lost My Baby Blues

#4 Honky-Tonky Nights On Broadway

#9 Where Are You Spending Nights

Movie Soundtracks

Any Which Way You Can (Clint Eastwood)

Honky-Tonk Man (Clint Eastwood)

In 1987 after having received nominations for winning most of the prestigious awards country music has to offer, DAVID FRIZZELL stopped and took a close look at the creative legacy handed to the Frizzell family. Even though he still had a heavy touring schedule, both as a solo performer and with his duet partner, Shelly West, David knew he wanted to start spending more time involved in the creative process, writing, producing and sharing his knowledge with new country artists.

David began touring less and spending more time producing and building his publishing company.   His publishing credits list four George Jones hits including Right Left Hand. David began to focus more on writing songs which were recorded by a list of major artists. He discovered a love for writing children's stories and songs. There are presently five projects for children which will be presented as books, recordings and animated features in future Frizzell productions.

David is also committed to the musical legacy of his brother Lefty Frizzell. He and his wife Jo celebrated the life and music of Lefty at an annual celebration of the country music legend at their 22 acre home, River Rock Country, in Cross Plains, Tennessee. River Rock Country not only hosts Lefty Frizzell Day but is one of the busiest all occasion recreational facilities in middle Tennessee. River Rock Country is also the site of structured workshops for singers and songwriters. David finds great satisfaction in sharing  the hard-earned  knowledge of his craft.

David will be announcing a major tour schedule which will include the annual "Lefty Frizzell Day".  This tour will be world wide with the new revised release of "I'm Gonna Hire A Wino To Decorate Our Home". The music is coming  back around to David and after all this is what he's always done.